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Valeo compressors performance tool

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The tool:

The Valeo compressors performance calculation software enables you to select the best Valeo compressor that fits your needs.
Fill in the form with the caracteristics of your air-conditioning system, and the software will calculate the performances of the most adequate Valeo compressor for you.


Data displayed on Valeo compressors performance tool are for general indication only. Customer is responsible to confirm with Valeo if the compressor usage is in line with warranty conditions.

version 19-10

Operating conditions:

kW BTU/hr

Tsc: KelvinsΔ℉


Pd: bar PSIA

Tsh: KelvinsΔ℉


Ps: bar PSIA

100% or KΔ℉


Pressures are absolute. Use integers for temperatures. Move your mouse over input fields to display addtional information.

Suction Discharge Compressor rpm Expansionvalve Condenser Evaporator Pfluid =Tfluid = Tc = Tsc = Tfluid = Tc - Tsc Pfluid = Tfluid = Te = Tsh = Tfluid = Te + Tsh

Valeo compressors performance tool |


Valeo compressors performance tool |

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Valeo compressors performance tool |

Technical data:

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