TM Series

TM13 / TM15 / TM16
TM55 / TM65

Wide range of displacements

TM Product Range

Countless applications

  • Light, Medium and Large Heavy Duty Trucks
  • Agriculture & Industry
  • Off-Road Heavy Duty Vehicles
  • Buses & Coaches
  • Refrigeration (Trucks and Trailers)

Industry Agriculture SUV Passenger Car
Refrigeration Bus Heavy Truck Truck

High performance

  • Best cooling capacity & Efficiency
  • Optimized volumetric performance
  • Reliable & Robust
  • Light-weight & Compact design

Low vibrations and noise level

  • Balanced Swash Plate design reducing vibrations
  • High precision piston coating enabling low clearance
  • MoS2 coated Swash Plate for low friction
  • Smooth operation

High level of adaptability

The TM series compressors were designed to cover a wide range of applications, ideal for any customer requiring adaptation flexibility. The TM compresssors incorporate the latest design improvements to better meet the needs of today’s Heavy Duty systems. The TM series service parts are available at your distributor and can be replaced at your local service facilities.

TM Compressors Adaptations