Valeo Compressors Brands

Founded in 1988 in the USA by Tama and Zexel, Seltec -Selective Technology Incorporated- distributed globally, for more than 15 years, the compressors of the two Japanese brands.

In 2002, Seltec started retailing TM and Zexel compressors under its own brand with a recognizable orange label and a focus on specialty vehicles in the agricultural, construction and mining industries. Seltec became quickly recognized for the performance and durability of its compressors, as well as the quality of services and delivery it offered.

In 2005, with the merger of Tama/Zexel and Valeo’s Air Conditioning activities, Seltec also became part of the Valeo Group. Since then, Valeo has kept on supplying the renowned Seltec TM product, and has extended its range with the TM43, TM55 and TM65 compressors.

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