Valeo Compressors

Quality for Heavy Duty

Valeo Compressors
Valeo Compressors provides compressors for automotive air conditioning systems, including controlled air conditioning compressors, with reduced energy requirements. Our broad product line encloses both fixed displacement and variable displacement models, with several technology types, such as swash plate, vane rotary and reciprocating compressors. Our policy of excellence accounts for robust and reliable products with enhanced performances while lowering fuel consumption.

Facts & Figures

Valeo Compressors
Employees 2,063 worldwide
Worldwide locations 9 Plants
7 R&D Centers
15 Sales Offices
Headquarters Valeo Compressors Headquarter
6F Minami-Shinjuku, Hoshino-Bldg 5-23-13
Sendagaya Shibuya-ku,
151-0051 Tokyo Japan
Production plants Japan – Oura
Japan – Kumagaya
China – Changchun
Thailand – Rayong
Czech republic – Humpolec
Poland – Czechowice