Foire aux Questions

Q1: Can I buy compressors directly from Valeo Compressors?

Please contact your local sales office to identify the best option to order your parts:

  • For aftermarket passenger vehicle compressors, please contact Valeo Service.
  • For Heavy Duty compressors, please contact one of our sales offices.

Q2: Should I be concerned about counterfeit products?

Yes, Counterfeit A/C compressors could fail within one month after installation, causing irreparable damage to your A/C system. Do not hesitate to contact your local Valeo sales office if you believe you have purchased a counterfeit Valeo compressor.

Q3: How can I know which compressor to choose?

The online Performance tool will evaluate system parameters and recommend the correct compressor size for your need. You can also refer to the product related pages of the website.

Q4: What oil should I use with Valeo Compressors?

Please use the oil specified on the compressor label. Valeo TM compressors ship with ZXL100PG for R134a application. Be advised: ZXL100PG (compliant with ISO Grade 46 standard with a viscosity of 46cSt) is not a PAG100 oil. For use with other refrigerants, TM compressors can also be bought oil-less so that system manufacturers may add oil of their own specification.

For large displacement compressors (TM43, TM55 and TM65), SE-55 POE oil may also be used.

Beware that using an incorrect oil could reduce lubrication (due to poor solubility or wrong viscosity) or create system problems.

Q5: How do I know the quantity of oil I need to add?

The quantity of oil you should use is specified on the label that is provided on your compressor. You can also consult the online service manual for your compressor and follow the oil balance instructions. Be advised that the amount of oil can vary depending on whether the system has been flushed or whether components have been replaced during service

Q6: How do I know what compressor model I have?

Consult the compressor label for the compressor type (size of the model will read “TM” followed by two digits) and for the part number, a unique identifying code. You can see a Valeo label below:

TM Compressors Adaptations
Compressor naming detail:

  • HD: filled with ZXL100PG oil and Valeo green label
  • XD: without oil and with Valeo green label
  • HS: filled with ZXL100PG oil and Seltec orange label
  • XS: without oil and with Seltec orange label
  • Q7: What is the difference between R134a and R404A?

    R134a and R404A are two different refrigerants. R134a is used for standard automotive A/C, while R404A is used for transport refrigeration. Please follow Valeo recommendations about operating limits.

    Q8: Can I buy service tools and parts to operate and maintain Valeo Compressors?

    Service parts and tools are available for purchase. Please refer to the service manual of your compressor or to your regional sales office for more information.

    Q9: What are DKS-22 and DKS-32 compressors?

    DKS-22 and DKS-32 are regional marketing denominations that have been used for the TM21 and TM31 compressors, respectively.

    Q10: What are the differences between Valeo, Seltec and Zexel?

    All of these traditional compressor brands will be consolidated under the Valeo label.