Valeo Equips World Biggest Airport Shuttle

Van Hool Shuttle Bus in Algiers Airport                                                Valeo TM65

Since March 2012, Algiers airport operates the World’s largest airport shuttle vehicles, equipped with Valeo TM65 AC compressor. As of today, the compressors have been operating more than 12,000 hours without a single failure.

These special buses built by Van Hool are 14.64m long and 3.75m large. Each vehicle is capable to transport 160 passengers. They have been in service for 2 years, on a daily basis, 18 hours per day.

Valeo TM65 AC compressor combined with a dual air conditioning system ensure the passengers premium comfort, in the harsh middle-east climate of Algeria : temperature can exceed 40°C in summer time.

Van Hool confirms that Valeo TM65 has been successfully fulfilling its duty since the start of operation in Algiers Airport.